2022 Amity Vineyards Estate Pinot Blanc

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Pear, Lemon Curd, Honeysuckle 


The Amity Pinot blanc was harvested over two days in mid-October, one day apart: the 15th & 17th. Pressed in three small loads, the juice was allowed to cold settle, with clean juice transferred to barrels and stainless steel. Fermentation for the first pick (and press-load) took place in mostly thrice-used barrels, whereas the juice from the second pick was fermented in a single stainless tank. The final blend represents fermentation in 20% neutral barrel and 80% stainless steel to achieve texture and focus. 1.5 g/L residual sugar from the grape is enough to balance the clean line of acidity, but not enough to be perceived as sweet.

Vineyard Sources: 100% Amity Vineyards Estate  

Cellar Treatment: 100% Stainless Steel 

Alcohol Content: 12% 

Residual Sugar: 1.5g/L

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Buzz Muttering
Lovely wine

I was hesitant to purchase Amity Pinot Blanc for my daughter’s wedding. I was more comfortable with a large vineyard, but my daughter insisted, after trying it at a local restaurant. I conceded and am so happy I did. The wine was delicious, firm with a hint of citrus. All night long, friends were asking me how I found it and there was a run on it.

I am very impressed with the wine and Amity’s customer service. There was a FedEx delivery issue and Amity graciously worked it out.

Love the wine. Love their people.

Why choose us?

A Storied Vineyard

What makes Amity so unique are the nearly 50-year-old own-rooted vines. They’ve had decades to work through the thin topsoil to dig deep into the ground and access these ancient nutrient-deprived soils. The combination of the vine's age, the absence of artificial inputs, and dry farming practices mean they are naturally low yielding. When vines have a lower crop load they can devote more resources to the grapes which leads to a better concentration of flavor.