2021 Estate Pinot Blanc

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Meyer Lemon, Honeycomb, Apple Blossom


Our Amity Pinot Blanc is harvested from Amity Vineyards in the Eola-Amity Hills. Originally planted in 1971, our own-rooted, dry-farmed grapes have dug deep into the ground, past the thin topsoil to access ancient volcanic and marine sediment soils that give these wines a unique sense of place. Amity Vineyard benefits from the Van Duzer Corridor which brings cool air in from the Pacific Ocean each evening. The cooler evenings slow the ripening process allowing us to create a balanced, dry wine.

Vineyard Sources: 100% Amity Vineyards Estate  

Cellar Treatment: 100% Stainless Steel 

Alcohol Content: 12% 

Residual Sugar: .46g/L

Why choose us?

A Storied Vineyard

What makes Amity so unique are the nearly 50-year-old own-rooted vines. They’ve had decades to work through the thin topsoil to dig deep into the ground and access these ancient nutrient-deprived soils. The combination of the vine's age, the absence of artificial inputs, and dry farming practices mean they are naturally low yielding. When vines have a lower crop load they can devote more resources to the grapes which leads to a better concentration of flavor.